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You can increase countless negative things or positive things in your sleep. It’s very simple – precisely sleep tradition, hmm? So waking up unexpectedly with an alarm is not the best way to live life. If so, then there are some things you should do before going to sleep, these are very important. Because you must understand that you can increase many negative things or positive things in sleep. You can enhance the pleasantness or unpleasantness of sleep very efficiently without interruption. You can increase them during the day too, but there are many obstacles. That doesn’t happen very efficiently, but if you go to sleep in a certain way and wake up feeling really bad in the morning, absolutely inexplicably, that means you incubate things very efficiently at night – spoiled eggs.It is not just a matter of mental disturbance. This can cause major physical questions over hour. It is important that you remove these things from their own lives. So before sleeping at night, you should take care of few things. If you ingest meat and such menu, then eat it at least three to four hours before bedtime, so that digestion is completed. Before going to sleep drink some irrigate and are sleeping. You will see that with this he will be fine. One easy thing that can be done is bathing. Ever take a bath before sleeping, it makes a big difference. In this season, bathing with cold water can be difficult, so take a warm bath. Do not make bathroom with hot water at night, take tepid water. It procreates you notify. You will think hey I can’t sleep. that does not matter. You will sleep after fifteen, twenty minutes or half an hour but sleep will be better because it will take away some things. When you take a bath, is not simply the grease of the scalp gets removed.Have you noticed, when you are under a lot of stress and nervousnes, exactly taking a shower feels as if the burden is almost gone? Have you not seen this? So it’s not just skin cleansing. A fortune of things happen when spray fell off a body. Bathing is a very basic spirit purification because your body is more than seventy percent water. If you throw irrigate on it, there is a kind of purification that goes beyond cleaning the scalp. Another thing if you want to do it, you exactly light an organic oil lamp, a cotton wick, and any oil. What do you use here? Ordinary edible lubricant, linseed petroleum, rice bran lubricant or sesame oil, what do you have? Participants: Olive Petroleum. Sadhguru: Olive oil, okay. Take any organic lubricant with a cotton wick and light a small lamp somewhere in the area where you sleep. You will see these things disappear altogether. If you can chant a mantra or rule yoga at night before sleeping, do it sitting in bed.If you want to perform Isha Kriya, it is available on the net. Generally in India you are told that you should not keep your head towards the north while sleeping. Do you know? Participant: Yes. Sadhguru: If you sleep at night with your front facing north, when you are lying down, gradually the blood is the beginning moving towards your ability. When the blood flow in the mentality increases, you will not be able to sleep peacefully. If you have some kind of inner weakness in your mentality or if you are old then you can die in sleep. Hemorrhage can occur as more blood tries to enter the brain, where the blood vessels are like hairs, and the magnetic force moves some more blood. This does not happen when standing up straight. As you lie down, this stretching towards the head is so intense that the blood gradually tries to move towards the brain. So to avoid that … it’s only for the Northern Hemisphere.If you go to Australia, you shouldn’t ability south. If you are in India, you should not keep your head towards North. You can settle it any road you want, that’s fine. Keep it in your intellect that you are truly mortal, well , not only in messages, but genuinely. You can die now. Whether you are young or aged, doesn’t matter. You can die now. yes or no Before sleeping, be participating in the berthed and think that this is your deathbed. You merely have one more minute to live. Look back and see if what you did today is worthwhile. Just do these simple utilizations, and you never know when it will actually happen. You will be sitting on the demise berthed or lying in the hospital and many things will be related to you. Who knows how it will happen? But enjoy it everyday, that you are sitting on your demise bed, looked at and see if what I have done today in these twenty four hours is worthwhile because now I am dying. If you do this you will precede a meaningful animation, rely me. So all of you should do this every night before sleeping. The last three minutes, whatever things you have reaped person, head, things, do n’t dismiss the small things, these small things are large-hearted things. I have encountered how people carry their pillow too … because it is very important. So your pillow, your slippers, if you have relationships, everything you’ve gleaned, set them aside and sleep. If you sleep in this position, you will wake up with more glowing, more intensity, and more possibles than you ever imagined. Just sleep as life , not mortal or gal , not this or that. Put everything down. Enough. It is very simple precisely sleep musing. At least that’s all you should do. So you wake up to sounds like … They will in many ways calculate the nature of your daytime and the future of your life. So waking up suddenly with an alarm is not the best way to live life. It would be preferable if your sleep the kind of food you dined and the kind of thoughts and feelings you continue within yourself and the level of vibrancy you maintain in your form will determine how much sleep you get. Is necessary. Let’s say you need three … Sorry, let’s say you need eight or twelve hours of sleep. I said the wrong number. You know your need for the amount of sleep you need. So go to sleep early enough so that you can wake up on your own. If you wake up yourself and let’s say, you have doubts whether you will be able to wake up or not, then if you have a mantra, if you have become attached to some dispassionate mantra, you can use it. There is an important aspect of you physically – your nature, which is the pumping station for your circulation of blood that replenishes the body…If it doesn’t , nothing will happen. It starts from the left. So you are well aware, in India you are told that when you wake up, you should get up on your right side. has told? If you get up on your left side, bad things will happen to you. has told? Bad things are not like when you are at rest, when the body is at rest, the metabolic work is slow. When you wake up, there is a surge in activity. That’s why in India it is said, appear, these things were part of life, you are leaving them. The whole science of living was part of life. You were told that before waking up in the morning, wipe your palms together and look like this. hmm? Don’t appear, you should keep it on your eyes. If you do this, you will see God. It’s not about identifying God, if you chafe these two together, the ends of all the veins … you have a lot of vein ends in your hands. If you do this the body wakes up immediately. If you’re feeling sleepy-eyed, try time doing this. Everything wakes up. So in the morning before moving the body, you wake it up and then place it on your eyes, immediately the guts connected to your eyes and other aspects of your senses will wake up. Before the body can move, the body and the intellect must be awake. You should not rise like a spring. This is the purpose behind it. Got it? So you do this and then get up on your right side. If we all sleep today, then tomorrow morning about 2.5 lakh beings in the world will not wake up … because of natural demise. Suppose you wake up tomorrow morning, your guarantee? Did you come with a guarantee card? No guarantee placard. So “re supposed” wake up, that’s all, I’m telling you, it’s a simple first step in your spiritual process. When you wake up tomorrow morning, check, are you really awake or dead? If you are awake then a small celebration is attained. You don’t need to get up and dance, at least you can smile, that you are still alive. Two and a half million people died, they were like you and me, fu, blown away, right? Wherever you glance, they will not be found. Here I am still alive. A large-scale smile, would you? If two and a half lakh people died by talking about managing, then at least thirty to five lakh beings have lost a loved one.You look at those three, four, five people who matter to you, they are all alive today. Another big smile? Hello? Will you utter or not? Alive. If suppose we employed a grease-gun to your intelligence now, would you feel counteracted? No. You’ll “re scared”, won’t you? So being alive is so treasured. Is it or not? Your being alive is so prized. So yesterday morning, 2.5 million people died in the night but you’re still alive, shouldn’t it at least have a big smile, I invite? And all the people who matter to you are all alive today, another large-scale smile !.

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